• Mung Bean Sprouts

    Fat Juicy Mung Bean Sprouts

    I prefer the fat and juicy mung bean sprouts, not the skinny little ones made in jars. You would be surprised how much bean sprouts you get from 1/4 of a cup! After some searching, I…

  • Tooth Powder ingredients
    How-To,  Recipes

    Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe

    This homemade tooth powder is very easy to make! I have not used products containing fluoride and/or aluminum for many decades, not wanting to be continuously poisoned. Guess what? No cavities, gum issues and all the…

  • Side view of a purple pea blossom
    Garden,  Musings

    The Beauty of Nature

    There is nothing like stopping to admire the beauty that pops up when you turn the corner on a path, like I did during my morning walk recently. Though the now tattered wings of the Mourning…

  • Fluffed rice pilaf

    Rice Pilaf

    Rice Pilaf is our favorite base for shish kabob and similar dishes or as a side. I should note we have no problem having this as a main dish with a small salad on the side…

  • Make-shift greenhouses

    The Garden – End of May

    I am down to 5 more beds to amend and get ready for planting. It looks like we will have a cooler than normal summer this year. Most of my vegetables can handle that. I prefer…

  • Potato bed area & meadow beyond

    Getting the Garden Started

    Wow! This year, we are still having cold weather. It has been a booger getting the beds ready for this year between freezing temps and heavy rains. We have been working on it every day we…