• Lilacs April 2023
    Garden,  Musings

    My Garden and Life

    The garden looks to be happy at this point. We are in the middle of tidying up from the latest thunder storm and the normal results of weeds growing 3 times what they were overnight. laughing...…

  • Cartomancy 101 Part 3

    Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 3

    This is the last Cartomancy 101 article. I found learning the cards in groups of four with the same number for each of the suits the easiest method instead of slowly learning by the suit. The…

  • Cartomancy 101 Part 2

    Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 2

    Continuing on with Cartomancy 101, or how to read and divine with playing cards! I hope you downloaded and saved the previous article's 1st and 2nd Steps pdf. You will have a complete lesson in the…

  • Learning Cartomancy 101 Part 1

    Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 1

    Cartomancy 101 will help guide those wishing to learn cartomancy, divining with playing cards, one of the most popular systems for readers. There will be pdfs to guide you, too!

  • Mung Bean Sprouts

    Fat Juicy Mung Bean Sprouts

    I prefer the fat and juicy mung bean sprouts, not the skinny little ones made in jars. You would be surprised how much bean sprouts you get from 1/4 of a cup! After some searching, I…

  • Tooth Powder ingredients
    How-To,  Recipes

    Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe

    This homemade tooth powder is very easy to make! I have not used products containing fluoride and/or aluminum for many decades, not wanting to be continuously poisoned. Guess what? No cavities, gum issues and all the…