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My blog features recipes, how-to's, various crafts projects, vegetable gardening and more.
I hope to inspire you to try something new or keep creating. I muse about various things at times too...
The Crafts link will give direct links to various craft how-to's, free patterns, and more.
The Gardening links to posts about my vegetable gardens. I share tips, tricks, my successes and failures.
I grow most of our vegetables... & I love digging in the dirt!

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Free Patterns .pdfs include:

3 knitted lace shawls, 1 lace doily, the infamous knitted willie warmer, 2 crocheted willie warmers, knitted willy pin or badge and 1 “wooly willow warmer”, aka a merkin.¬†

There is also a construction instruction .pdf for the crocheted warmers with photos.

Click on the “Free Patterns” title above or the Crafts dropdown list in the menu above.

Crafts Galleries

Peacock-color Glass Beads

Visit one of the crafts galleries to see some of the things I have made throughout the years. The Lace Bookmark gallery is the only one featuring others’ work.¬†

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The Green Beans are Taking Over

laughing… It seems the Green Bean Fairy has whapped my garden with a triple dose of fertility. Now mind you, I am NOT complaining! The first harvest filled 2 large bowls and the giant colander. The...

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Garden and Various Musings

I had harvested the cabbages that made it through the storms. After washing and chopping, they are in a 1 gallon crock “becoming” sauerkraut. It takes a lot of cabbage to make it, I found out....

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Garden and Processing Spinach

This is a bit of a tome. No apologies. I have had a few busy days. My husband had picked a good 3 gallons of strawberries so far this season. Isn’t that colander-full amazing? The little...

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My site is for all. I am selling nothing nor do I sell anyone else’s stuff or data. I DO share links to those I shop with. I ask you include the credits for patterns if you share them.
You can make items to sell with my free patterns, but you CANNOT sell the freely shared pattern.

I am not an expert in (insert whatever I am musing about, at any time‚Ķ ever), nor do I play one on TV. The only license I hold is my driver’s license‚Ķ and my dog’s rabies tag.
My musings are not meant to be a substitute for so-called expert advice.

Free speech rules here and it matters not to me if anyone finds me, my information, crafts, work or views “triggering” , offensive or disagreeable in any way.
Grow up and dump the system-lord’s programming or go away.¬†For those who find this notice too harsh, find your funny bone. It is there… somewhere…

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