🎔Links is a list of my favorite places to buy gifts, personal products and more. I prefer to shop at small businesses. Sometimes, what I need is not local, especially when it comes to personal products and gifts.  Give them a look. Do Note – I am very picky, I use organic/gmo-free foods and products whenever possible.

Disclaimer – I receive NO compensation of any kind! No money, no coupons, no fees nor any other form of compensation,
not even a slice of cake with coffee.  All links will open in a separate tab or window.

Whenever I go down to visit friends and family, going to On Purpose is a must.  The shop-name link is not a shopping site, but it does give you ways to find them. If you are ever in the Sierras near Sutter Creek CA, take a peek. The owner, Robyn, has the most lovely crystals, singing bowls and lots more.