🎔Links is a list of my favorite places to buy gifts, personal products and more. I prefer to shop at small businesses.

Sometimes, what I need is not local, especially when it comes to personal products and gifts.  Give them a look.

Do Note – I am very picky, I use organic/gmo-free foods and products whenever possible.

Disclaimer – I receive NO compensation of any kind! No money, no coupons, no fees nor any other form of compensation,
not even a slice of cake with coffee.  All links will open in a separate tab or window.

Whenever I go down to visit friends and family, going to On Purpose is a must.  The shop-name link is not a shopping site, but it does give you ways to find them. If you are ever in the Sierras near Sutter Creek CA, take a peek. The owner, Robyn, has the most lovely crystals, singing bowls and lots more.

The Queen of Quartz offers various quartzes that are really nice. Her carved quartz pieces are lovely.

The photo to the right is an Phantom Amethyst quartz I bought from her recently. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I am not sure, but I think her stock changes with where she is mining currently. I find this very cool. Click on her site’s name to check out what she has available now.