About Me or How to Quickly Fall Asleep

Debreena LogoMy name is Deb, Debbi, Debra (when my Mom is mad at me) or Debreena. Debreena is not only my site’s name, it is my husband’s pet-name for me. It makes me smile and laugh. I am a middle-aged woman-being and creator. I have 1 daughter, 3 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

My logo? It is the tattoo on my wrist. It is the twining of my and my husband’s first initials. Turning a “d” upside-down and nestling a right-side-up “b” next to it made a heart. His name comes off his initial and mine off the “d”, making a nice bracelet. Looking at my site, you can kind-of guess I adore hearts, yes?

I am married to a really cool Man. He was my boyfriend at age 13 for a few months. We started dating again when I was freshly 16. My Love is over there in his chair. That should cover it. Have a great day!

No? Seriously? Okay, gab a large cup of something and read the rest. You may need snacks. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

Why did I make this website and blog? I made this as a better alternative to the free blog services. It also means some huge corporation does not “own” my images, artwork and name. You may notice I do not use the analytics and such on my site, just simple cookies for subscribing and to make certain things work. 

I made this website to SHARE how to make something or how I do “it”, not sell you anything. I DO share my favorite places to shop in the links without any compensation.

I am a crafter, a creator. I have been like this since I was a wee one. What creating does for you and your essence is amazing. Give it a try. It will not hurt… unless you hit yourself with a wool comb, get gigged by a knitting needle, find a hole in a potholder the hard way, and so on. Sorry- I am not responsible for your boo-boos.

My Mom taught me how to cook when I was around 4 years old, standing on a chair besides her. I still love cooking today. I am a reader, reading Nancy Drew by age 4. Yeah, I am “one of those”. I also loved to draw, color, sew (treadle and by hand), embroider, make mud pies, play with tadpoles… My Levi Super Bells were embroidered down the seams and the pockets…

I learned to crochet in my late teens, making various items for around the house. My first tarot deck was given to me at age 16 by my to-be mother-in-law. That was when the Woo started really coming into my life. laughing…

After I had my daughter, I started making items for her. We moved up the valley to be near my in-laws. My MIL knitted and I crocheted. We started doing little craft shows to sell our items at. After one that was so badly laid out and ran, with her getting a nasty case of pneumonia, we started a newsletter that evolved into a crafter’s newspaper later on.

During that period I made my father-in-law a handsculpted pipe ashtray. It was so cool. Too bad the ceramic shop blew it up when they fired it incorrectly for its type of clay. I started taking pottery lessons after that. After a few pots, I started putting faces on them. Then made very round cats.

When we all moved into the Sierras, that was when I really got into being a potter-sculptor, eventually doing the Renaissance Faires, making mostly dragon night lights and incense burners, wizards and other useful items that had some sort of sculpting done to it.

I was making Klingons for the Sci-Fi Cons too, using wool for their “hair”. I met a lovely woman to buy the wool from. We eventually became good friends. Her husband was a master spinning wheel maker. Yep, I learned to spin and knit.

In 2001, I sold all of the pottery equipment off. I needed a change of craft. Setting up and tearing down booths at the fairs left me with bruises and I was tuckered out of selling things. After a brief time off, I learned to make beads on a torch. When we moved to another state, I had to keep my stuff in the shed. I would still be making them, but our garage is too small, even for my small footprint. One day…

I did make some of my beads into jewelry and sold them online. During that period I also learned to do wirework. I had to do something with all of my crystals, didn’t I? In the last decade, I have learned to grow most of our own vegetables and can food.

I am currently relearning to draw, embroider and sew, all that I had set aside for decades. I learned to felt to use up some of my wools. I need to do more. I am tired of getting whapped in the head by the bodybag-like bags hanging from the craft room ceiling.

I am now relearning to use my Creator-given talents that have been set aside for way too long. Some call it “Woo” or “Woo-Woo”. I have always been empathic, I can “feel” people’s emotions and all that. That can be unpleasant. I am intuitive and expanding on those skills. I will be very enlightening.

That about covers “me”. I should add I have a slightly, dark sense of humor. ahem. I try all sorts of crafts and have fun learning new-to-me crafts. I am learning new techniques too. The galleries are there for inspire you to try your hand at something.

Any craft can be learned, no matter your age. I hope you enjoy reading about what I have learned. I hope you improve on what I share and have fun while doing so. Remember-

Creating fill our Heart and Essence!