First dot art painting
Second dot art painting
Trouble with dot ninnies
More dot ninnie problems
Whomperjawed triskelion
Tree with white charcoal pencil removal problem
Deviant Art dot art skull pattern share
A dot art scene
Seed of Life

Beginner’s Dot Art Painting

Learning to make dot art paintings has been a blast! I will list two YT creators that I watched. Please do not take my work to reflect upon their works! They make some stunning pictures. One woman does dot art on “trash”, like used (clean, of course) bottles and jars.

I have found dot art painting to be my Zen, it is very meditative for me. I can empty my mind and relax. The most I will think about is the color to grab next if I did not set out certain colors in front of me when starting. I will also paint some folk art-type paintings and add some dot art painting over them when they dry. I may even get some gouache paints for the base painting.

Yes, my dot placement is not perfect. I’ll get it with more practice. I have a stack of quarter-page sheets of black cardstock tucked away. I have no plans for any of the better ones. You may ask, “What is the point of making them if not to, at least eventually, sell the good ones?” Does creating need to have a point? I live in the Now. I am speaking in color on paper, to please my Soul and give myself a smile. If one wants to call that a point, fine.

The first YT creator is Lydia May. She shows how to use q-tips and other items around the house to make dot art. Her YT Channel is at . The second is Miranda Pitrone Art. Her YT channel is at . Both have websites selling various tools and patterns. Enjoy!

I have some that are whomperjawed in shape, dots too close or far from each other, what I call “dot ninnies” if the paint was too thick, having trouble removing the white charcoal pencil off the black cardstock and more. laughing… Below is a stacks-worth, from the first funnily awful to my favorites that came out okay. May they bring you some laughter and/or a smile or two. Hugs!

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