Cartomancy 101 Part 2

Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 2

Card suits, numbers and putting it all together

Continuing on with Cartomancy 101, or how to read and divine with playing cards! I hope you downloaded and saved the previous article’s 1st and 2nd Steps pdf. You will have a complete lesson in the oldest tradition of cartomancy. After the third and last article, I am providing a pdf with all you need to learn to read and divine with playing cards.

Make Your Own Card Meanings

If you wish, you can make your own meanings by combining the short list of suit meanings with the short list of the numbers, as shown below:


Diamonds · money, goods, thinking

Hearts · emotions, loved ones, relationships

Clubs · work, plans, practicality, activity

Spades · problems, obstacles, challenges


A · beginning · new

2 · exchanges · relationships

3 · things growing · small

4 · stability · squarish things

5 · the body · health

6 · path

7 · problems or going within

8 · thoughts · ideas · communication

9 · changes

10 · the end · completion · travel (by the suit’s element – no diamond-fire travel)

J · message · youth under 30/younger than you · they represent their suit’s traits as a youth.

Q · woman (over 30) · truth of the suit· she represents her suit’s traits as a person.

K · man (over 30) · power of his suit · he represents his suit’s traits as a person.

Joker (optional) · wild card

Note ~ Spades are usually the opposite or negative side of the meanings of the Hearts and number meanings. If to the right of a card, it negatively aspects the card to its left.

Examples of quick meanings:

(emotions, loved ones, relationships) + 3 (things growing, small) = A little growth in a relationship. You’re liking (or loving) someone a little more.

(troubles, obstacles, problems) + J (message, youth) = A troubled youth or a youth in trouble. Bad news.

( money, goods, thinking) + 5 (the body, health) = Buying things for yourself. Spending for your own pleasure and needs.

(work, plans, practicality, activity) + 7 (troubles) = Trouble at work. Problems with your plans.

Easy-peasy, yes? Use what sings for you or make your own meanings using the suits’ meanings you prefer and the same for the numbers. For the short version of basic cartomancy, print out this one page that will be available with the next, and last, article of Cartomancy 101, reading and divining with playing cards.

Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 2 ~ Suits

Look at each suit’s symbols as you learn. I’m first going to list my thoughts on the suit’s symbols and why I think they represent what they do.

Diamonds are sharp, like wit and (hopefully), one’s thinking. They are sparkly, shiny and valuable, like currency and the need or want to possess them. They can be used in exchange for goods, like currency. Diamonds are used in tech to carry currents, like our nervous system.

Hearts are rather easy. They are the symbol of love and emotions for most around the world. We think of how we feel or of those we care for, like family and friends. Artistry sparks emotions, and the creation of artful things, decorating and similar, is in this suit, too.

Clubs look like a few ancient tools, clover leaves or trees. We are active in various ways throughout our day: working, exercising, planning and conducting business. This is a suit of movement and activities, doing, in some way.

Spades turned upside-down look like Hearts with a stem or nail in the top, don’t they? Ouch! They tend to mean the opposite of the Hearts. Spades are sharp and pointy, much like the various lessons in life. On almost a daily basis, there are challenges, obstacles, problems and other things we have to deal with. Personally, I am a ~ Forewarned is forearmed ~ type and rather appreciate these “warnings” or whap on the backside of my head to pay attention.

Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 2 ~ Suit Meanings

Diamonds · the Thinking Suit

· money (currency) · finances · material goods · possessions · what you value · wealth · intelligence · wit · memory · nervous energy ·

∙ Diamonds are about the funds, currency, and finances you need to trade in exchange for the various necessities of living- food, housing, clothing, and so on – the tangible items. Diamonds can represent what one personally values. Diamonds showing up can mean financial gains, watching your spending and similar. Diamonds can also be about using your head, intellect, thinking about things and reasoning.

∙ Diamonds represent the vital, electric energy that courses through the nervous system. Diamonds are nervous energy, the fidgety need to get going. That electric energy is also part of the thought and thinking process of our minds, therefore, the Thinking suit.

Element · Fire ~ Season · Spring

Hearts · the Feeling Suit

· emotions · family · friends · feelings · relationships · artistry ·

∙ Hearts are all about how you emotionally deal with yourself and others as you navigate through this realm. Your emotions guide how you act, react and the various interactions of our relationships. Hearts go with artistry and creating art in some form. The beauty and harmony of art can affect us with pleasurable and happy emotions.

∙ Hearts are the circulatory system, the river of blood that courses through your heart and body. Your emotions flow like your blood throughout your body, affecting your moods, words, interactions with others and with yourself.

Element · Water ~ Season · Summer

Clubs · the Action or Doing Suit

· work · business · tasks · activity · business · plans · practicality · callings · sports · physical activities · hobbies · creativity · solidity ·

∙ Clubs are the “doings” of life. We plan, work, and perform tasks throughout our days. Clubs prefer for things to be done efficiently and be practical, as they do when creating useful items. In order to get some of the needed funds to exist in this realm, we work, create and conduct business in exchange for those Diamonds (funds).

∙ Clubs are the muscular system to give us the power to act in the world, to move around freely, to use our hands to create. Your muscles need action, as you need to have action throughout your day to perform various tasks.

Element · Air ~ Season · Fall

Spades · the Learning Suit (sometimes through adversity)

· troubles · obstacles · limitations · frustrations · problems · loss · conflict ·

∙ Spades are the challenges, obstacles and difficulties that can crop up in daily life. They are the lower emotions at times- fear, anger, worry, and even hate. Working through them can be difficult. The warnings can sometimes be overcome if you heed them, it is how you deal with them on how they come out. It is all part of the learning process in this realm.

∙ Spades represents the skeletal system, the groundwork of our physical being that limits us to certain activities.

Element · Earth ~ Season · Winter

Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 2 ~ Numbers

Look how the pips, the symbols, are arranged on each card. The patterns can give you some hint to the number’s meanings at times.

Ace · A · Aces are beginnings, the start and the new. They are the primary direction of a suit.

Two · 2 · Twos show exchanges, partnership, and relationships, the one-on-one type of exchanges. Sometimes they are the doubling or repeating of something.

Three · 3 · Threes shows things growing. They show gradual growth, bit-by-bit, and “a little” or “small”. They can also show conflict or harmony from a 3rd object joining the 2.

Four · 4 · Fours are stable and unchanging. They are also the unmovable, stagnation, or being boxed-in. They are squarish things, like papers, buildings and fields. Their stability can represent justice and legal matters. Some see the 4’s pip’s as bed posts and beds.

Five · 5 · Five is the body, because we have 5 appendages. Fives are about suit-based interactions relating to the body.

Six · 6 · Six shows a path or the steps that you are currently following or taking, depending on the suit.

Seven · 7 · Seven brings troubles, shown as the blockage in the 6’s path. They are also secrets, mysteries and the hidden, being the in-between suit number. Sevens are also linked with magic and religion – things used to cope with the problems. In other words, going within.

Eight · 8 · Eights show ideas and thoughts, and things related to the mind. This exchange also means communication, talking and interactions with groups.

Nine · 9 · Nine shows changes. It is the last step before the completion, the end, shown in the 10s. Nines are related to the Moon, which is ever-changing.

Ten · 10 · Ten is endings. They show ends or goals achieved before a new cycle starts. They are the strongest of their suits. Tens are also: great, much, or a lot. The word “end” also represents a destination, and so the Tens can also mean journey and travel.

10s and Travel ~ A 10 in a spread will usually not show a journey unless it is linked with a 6 or another 10. The connection may occur by the cards being next to each other, or linked to the Seeker’s card, if used. Three 10s could indicate long-distance or foreign travel, and four 10s could indicate world travel or a world traveler. There is no travel with the Diamonds being Fire. Ouch.

That is it for Cartomancy 101 ~ Part 2! The next article, Part 3, will be the last one. I hope you are enjoying this article so far!

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