Growing vegetables and tending a food garden.

  • Lilacs April 2023
    Garden,  Musings

    My Garden and Life

    The garden looks to be happy at this point. We are in the middle of tidying up from the latest thunder storm and the normal results of weeds growing 3 times what they were overnight. laughing...…

  • Side view of a purple pea blossom
    Garden,  Musings

    The Beauty of Nature

    There is nothing like stopping to admire the beauty that pops up when you turn the corner on a path, like I did during my morning walk recently. Though the now tattered wings of the Mourning…

  • Make-shift greenhouses

    The Garden – End of May

    I am down to 5 more beds to amend and get ready for planting. It looks like we will have a cooler than normal summer this year. Most of my vegetables can handle that. I prefer…

  • Potato bed area & meadow beyond

    Getting the Garden Started

    Wow! This year, we are still having cold weather. It has been a booger getting the beds ready for this year between freezing temps and heavy rains. We have been working on it every day we…

  • Heart Carrot
    Garden,  Musings

    Summer Garden and Musings

    Summer is long gone and Fall is gone in my region. We are already having Winter temps here. Snow is on the mountain tops already! I am posting garden photos, then my Musings on what...

  • Sally and the kitchen garden bed area

    Garden Update! It is Grow-time!

    Garden update… Finally! It is definitely grow-time around here. Remember I said I planted 1104 peas? Only 90 did not come up. Why yes, I just replanted them. I took these photos in the late afternoon.…