My personal recipes, including - various types of meals, desserts, canning, dehydrating and more. Includes recipe for DIY personal products.

  • Mung Bean Sprouts

    Fat Juicy Mung Bean Sprouts

    I prefer the fat and juicy mung bean sprouts, not the skinny little ones made in jars. You would be surprised how much bean sprouts you get from 1/4 of a cup! After some searching, I…

  • Tooth Powder ingredients
    How-To,  Recipes

    Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe

    This homemade tooth powder is very easy to make! I have not used products containing fluoride and/or aluminum for many decades, not wanting to be continuously poisoned. Guess what? No cavities, gum issues and all the…

  • Fluffed rice pilaf

    Rice Pilaf

    Rice Pilaf is our favorite base for shish kabob and similar dishes or as a side. I should note we have no problem having this as a main dish with a small salad on the side…

  • Tortellini Pasta Salad

    Tortellini Pasta Salad Recipe

    Tortellini Pasta Salad is one of our favorites. I have been making this salad for many decades.  It is so substantial, it is a dinner, not a side, for us. It is especially good when it…