C-o-o-k-i-n-g.. I love to cook! My Mom used to put me on a chair at age 4 to help, and then she allowed me to cook by myself. This was before the days of most meals being all canned or frozen. No nuking food into poisoned rubber, either. I use ALL organic and/or gmo-free ingredients. Always.

I cook mostly from scratch and/or use my home-canned foods. Casseroles, soups and desserts are some of my favorites. I also water-bath and pressure can. I will add links to original recipes if available. Most recipes are after I change them to suit my tastes. Like all cooking, just about anything can be changed. Enjoy!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Chews Recipe
Dark Chocolate Coconut Chews

Dark Chocolate Coconut Chews Recipe

We came across these delicious dark chocolate coconut chews one day at our local organic grocery store. Oh my. They are beyond yummy! The price, though... oof.…

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