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Well. Debreena is redone in a style I prefer in lightness, layout and more. All the photos are the same aspect ratio, even if I had to put them on a background. Yes, some need redone. Some are of items long-gone, some are not. Some I need to cook certain things again and take better photos of them. I did fix my camera to take larger photos. The better photos part, I keep at it. laughing… This all started after I had cleaned up my craft room, taking a lot of items to the hospice thrift store. We both cleaned out a lot of old items throughout the whole house, garage and storage shed. It was a lot of hard and worthwhile work. It is nice to clear out things that no longer are a need. Better, pass the good things on to a charity that will give them a home.

My new header and DIY header, (the featured photo above), are my own drawings. If one is familiar with Johanna Basford of the Inky Wonderland books, one can tell I drew the main header using my favorite pieces I learned to draw during her video course and using her book. Her style is very similar to the one I had when I used to draw years ago. Yep, it is rather girly and perky. It is fun to draw and color in the drawing with a good set of colored pencils. I am sure some will find my drawings awful. shrug with a smile… It is no skin off my nose what others think.

I am taking a new group of classes from my spiritual (and more) teacher, Motherella™. I love her name, her work, book, various classes and Motherella™ herself. It would take many more paragraphs to describe all of her services. You can see her site is at Motherella™. I love to learn. Self- and spiritual-growth is a fun path, even the hard parts of dealing with one’s sh*t, to put it plainly. I am living to my potential. It is wonderful.

I have also finished the course, Spectra™, becoming a certified quantum healer. It is quantum healing, lightwork, you can infuse all you do with the energies, and more. I loved the course. If you are interested in the course or a session with Walker, you can find it here: Quantum Nova Body™. Walker is great. He the creator and owner of Spectra™, the next level of quantum healing. His services includes guiding one to heal themselves, to put it as simply as possible. It is very self-empowering to the one who needs this form of inner-work to heal from past traumas, etcetera. I have never felt this good, calm, together, healthy and more. Cool!

Motherella™ and Quantum Nova Body™ work in partnership in many of their works. Together with their combined talents, they are an amazing power-couple, helping others heal themselves and move into higher forms of living. It has been a journey and path I have always wanted to take for myself. I started on this path almost 2 years ago or has it been longer? Time is no longer a thing for me, except for cooking or when to feed Sally. It is not an easy path, especially the inner-work. It amazing how I feel each step upward!

*DO NOTE!!! I receive NO form of compensation, cookies, nothing!, for talking about or mentioning Motherella™ or Walker of Quantum Nova Body™, and Spectra™, and their websites or services! This is my opinion of services I am getting a lot from personally and loving to use.

I learned to do dot art painting! It is a lot of fun. I will share those next post. Oh yes, the first ones are a scream. I am getting better. It promotes balance, patience and focus within me. It does not matter how they come out, it is the process itself I find important. I will share links to a couple of women I learned the process from on YuckTube.

I am still learning Cartomancy. That is card reading with playing cards. It has been a fun journey so far. I found I was getting too fixated on the meanings when I finally found ones that sort-of “sang”. Tarot and various oracle decks are based on rather standard meanings with some deviation that can be applied in context to the question asked. Lenormand and Cartomancy have much looser interpretations that one can can use that come from one’s intuition. Getting stuck on a list really stifles the flow.

You all have a lovely Fall! I should be posting more often. I have recipes, an update on dehydrating greens, craft stuff and more. Hugs!

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