Green Beans 2 August 2019

The Green Beans are Taking Over! Eek!

laughing… It seems the Green Beans Fairy has whapped my garden with a triple dose of fertility. Now mind you, I am NOT complaining! Part of growing your own vegetables is having a sparse harvest or one that keeps you at the processing counter in the kitchen for many hours, or days. No matter how the harvests go, I am very appreciative of what we get to harvest we get from our garden. Every harvest is a learning experience, no matter how many years one has been growing.

Green Beans 2 August 2019

Green Beans! Lots… & Lots…

The first harvest filled 2 large bowls and the giant colander. The second filled the two large bowls, and the third harvested was the same as the first. The fourth, today, filled the large yellow bowl. There are more coming, though it looks like they are finally slowing down. I am rolling in green beans.

3rd harvest of Green Beans

More photos of all of the green beans!

The pickles and cucumbers as just as “happy”. The zucchinis are going strong. It looks like the tomatoes are about to join in. The first of the tomatoes went into salads. Today, they became the Italian-ish sauce with some zucchinis. Recipe is here: Italian-Style Zucchini

Pickles & Cucumbers

I need to make some pickle relish and bread & butter pickles. The granddaughter loves them, her appetite for them went through the roof when she got pregnant. Very traditional snack, yes? laughing…

The strawberries are done with their rest and are now starting to do their second round. I need to dig up the garlic. The potatoes should be ready to dig up soon too. Somehow, we managed to build another wood shed between tending, harvesting and processing the vegetables.

Zucchini & Tomatoes

I did remember to shred some of the zucchinis and freeze them in a couple of 4-cup batches for making zucchini bread in the winter. I need to get a couple more done. I also will probably made zucchini pickles, too. They are very good. They are not crisp the way pickles or cucumbers are, but they make up for it in flavor.

My first-ever batch of sauerkraut came out very good. After rinsing off a spoonful, I found out I love it! I love cabbage, but I could not get past the smell of commercially-made sauerkraut. Homemade, man… yum! I must remember to thank Stephenie for giving me the slight push to try making it. No photo. Sorry about that.

Sweet Peppers

The peppers are doing okay. I only got a few sweet bells. The ones shown were not all the way red, though most pick this variety when still green. I prefer red ones. The various chiles are coming in- garden salsa, pepperoncini, pimento, paprika and anchos. I have never grown pimento and paprikas. It will be interesting preserving them.

I forgot! We got the first harvest of the elderberries for this year. There is even more coming. I am dehydrating them. I make up packages in the amount needed to make elderberry syrup and taking them to our daughter. Her youngest is still in grade school, aka the Cootie Factory. Last year, the birds had a feast. We beat them to the berries this year.

Tomorrow is maintenance in the garden. Hopefully, the quilt shop got in the better spray-starch for the flannel for the quilt, meaning a drive up into town. Flannel does much better if a light starch is used when pressing the fabric. It makes cutting out the pieces and assembling “smoother”, if that makes sense. Considering I will be doing the quilting part by hand, I really need to get going on that in the evenings.

Off to bed. It is rather early for me, but I have been getting up at 6am, 5 am for real time. Ewww… At least I do not have anyone perky around me. I hope one day the state will drop the daylight saving time that is so hard on my system and body-clock.


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