Giant Yukon Potatoes

Harvest Season is here, and it is Good

Harvest Season… sigh…

1 of 2 potato diggings

I am a little sad this time of the year- harvest season. The sad part is not the harvesting and processing of the harvest, it is the garden beds becoming bare of all the greenery and growing vegetables. The memories of the season then tend to appear in my mind. I sigh, knowing it will be soon time to get the beds and the rest of the areas around the house ready for fall and winter.

I am strange, I love the Fall and Winter. The colors, scents and energies are very lovely. Yet… I love the whole growing process along with the warm days, bright sunshine and seeing the vegetables mature from seeds or sprouts to their full glory. I have to focus on their care and not what I am going to make with them sometimes. I probably drool while thinking of the dinners I can make! I am terrible. A little. I do love good, fresh vegetables, or at least onces we have grown ourselves.

Giant Yukon Potatoes

With that said, here is a few photos from the harvest so far. The potatoes beds did very well. The wagon holds the first diggings. The second one was just as much. We also got some yukons that are amazing in size! Those are a meal and a lunch for me! We already have done that once and we are repeating it again tonight.

Giant kohlrabi

The green alien-like things? Kohlrabi. They are of the brassica (cabbage) family and taste similar to cauliflower. The texture is firm. The variety shown is “Superschmelz”. They grow from 8″ to 10″ wide. Most were canned, the leftovers were frozen. Most people will not can brassicas. It is said they do not taste well. Baloney. If you drain and rinse the vegetable before warming, they taste just fine. I have been canning brassicas, as the vegetable family is called, for many years with excellent results.

Carrot Love

I started, slowly, to harvest carrots. These two are in love, it seems. laughing… Occasionally this happens, the carrots twist around each other, most likely fighting for room. Or, maybe they may really like each other. Home-grown carrots are wonderful to process. They need a good scrub and then are good to go. I do not have to peel them. They are sweet, too. Yum!


I am working on the how-to for making your own boxes. I have one almost done with the outer cover embroidered for that version. I want to add a beaded one and, maybe, a plain fabric one with a few decorations. I will do what I can to show options for you to make a custom box that is totally you. I hope to give ideas for using other mediums, too. It is very satisfying to make your own containers for various items. The number of mediums you can use is large! It only takes imagination and a bit of cleverness, which we all have.

I just finished and wrapped up a reversible quilt for my great-granddaughter-to-be too. I will post those photos here as soon as I finish up the garden. Oh! I made a wonderful roasted vegetable soup with a tomato base from my garden vegetables. I should be getting enough tomatoes in the last round of picking to make enough to can up again. I will post an unrecipe for it. I roasted most of the vegetables first. What that does for the flavor is fantastic.


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