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Helpful Links for Those Just Starting to Garden

You Tube is filled with how-to videos to help us out when starting to garden. Yes, I said us. No matter how long you have been growing your own food, there is still something new to learn and new methods that may be better than you had been using before. There is many videos on building raised beds using pallets, “trash”, and more. Search through and see if you can find the perfect fit for you and your budget. Look at methods that are something you can handle physically.

Some YouTubers share how-to’s for starting seeds, building green houses, growing specific vegetables and herbs, putting in row-style planting beds, raised garden beds, homemade fertilizers and bug preventatives and much more. You can spend months looking through them all! It would be better to pick a topic and proceed from there so you do not overwhelm yourself and get information overload.

Remember! Where these people live means what they can grow may be different than your area (planting zone). Some growing tips may not work for you. Any straw mulch in my area means Mouse Hell Motel with earwig maid service. In other areas, it works beautifully. The photo at the top of my first garden has a pile of straw for the potatoes. I try something. If it does not work for me, I try something else.

Below, I listed a few videos to get you started. The links are to particular episodes, not their basic channel address. You can look through these people’s channels to see what more they put up on their channels about gardening.

Garden Help on YouTube

This gentleman tells about filling raised beds with soil, giving you much cheaper options to choose from. I used similar methods to fill my beds.
How to Fill a Raised Bed (And Save Money)

This channel is great. In this episode, the young woman shows you how to grow vegetables on trellises, known on vertical gardening, if a vegetable does well doing so, and some very clever ways make your trellises instead of the expensive options at gardening stores. In her playlist, she has 39 gardening tips and helps videos, including one for beginners. Their raised beds are great, but way too much work for someone my age. ;D
A Complete Guide to Vertical Gardening (On A Budget!) | Growing Food Made Simple

This video is about what vegetables will grow in shady spots so you can get the most out of the space you have.
12 Perfect Vegetables To Grow in a Shady Garden Space

I do not care for the younger generation’s word “hack” instead of calling them tips and hints, but this gentleman gives tips about growing that are wonderful. He is selling his book too.
17 Brilliant FREE Vegetable Gardening Hacks – More Food for Less Effort

This channel link features a couple growing their food in their urban backyard. They have videos about growing vegetables in containers, too. This particular episode is about growing onions, which can be cranky at times. I learned a few new tricks here!
How to Grow Onions, Harvest Onions & Cure Onions from Start to Finish – Walla Walla Onions

Did you know you can regrow an organic vegetable that you bought at the store? The throw-away root part can be sprouted and rooted. This video shows how to grow onions and green onions (scallions) from the bottoms of store-bought ones. The video is misnamed, it is not growing from the tops. He has other videos, including growing indoors. He also tried using cement blocks but did not cement them together. If you are doing one layer, it works. If you make higher bed sides, rebar and cement are a must.
How To Grow An Onion From An Onion Top (2019)

Planning your garden can be fun. I use colored pencils and draw little veggies or leaves, depending on the vegetable I am planting in that spot, on my graph paper “plots”. laughing… I know by now how many can be squeezed per foot. I may put the amount of little dots and draw the vegetable or leaf lightly over them too. It depends on my mood. I make planning fun.

Enjoy! Hugs!

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