Lilacs April 2023
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The garden looks to be happy at this point. We are in the middle of tidying up from the latest thunder storm and the normal results of weeds growing 3 times what they were overnight. laughing… The post image is from last month. The lilacs were gorgeous. The various sprouts I had planted throughout the years are finally blooming too. We will be surrounded by them at some point. They never last long enough for me. We kept our bedroom windows open to fill our room with the scent. What a lovely way to fall asleep! Now, it is the wild rose’s blooming time. That scent is just as lovely. I love our property. Continuous lovely scents throughout the year.

I changed the garden beds up a little this spring. Some things did not work in the long run. The alterations are working much better, so far. I took out the arches in the back garden. The peas did not like growing in the small squares of the blocks. I shuffled the cement blocks over to make two beds instead of one. The area behind it has tobacco now. It likes this area of my gardens. The two beds now have cabbage and winter squash.

I moved the arches and placed them at the ends of the beds and removed the trellises that ran along the long sides, using them for forming the arches, along with the hoops that held the trellis. The peas have a larger bed and I can plant other vegetables in the middle that like peas and vice-versa. This year, it is various soup bean varieties.

This is the back garden today. So far, everything looks happy. The winter squash has not sprouted as of yet. The tobacco needs some tending. It was so humid today after yesterday’s storm, the mosquitoes were too thick to do more than transplant the bell and chile peppers today. The wild oregano is looking lovely this year.

The kitchen garden is going very well. Yeah, I know, we need to do some weeding and weed-whacking of the ever-spreading meadow grass-like stuff. The plastic is surrounding the peppers for the next three nights, just in case the weather spazzes out again. I made bamboo teepee-style trellises for the slicing and pickling cucumbers this year.

This is the opposing angle of the kitchen garden. The stakes are to keep the hose from causing damage. We hand-water. Our area is deadly to the drip-line watering systems. I’d have to dig it up every year and find somewhere to store it. They cost a fortune, take a lot of time to install properly and hand-watering uses much less water. Our water supplier prefers we hand-water for that latter reason.

I ended up with twice of the tomatoes than I had beds to hold. I had a stack of burlap sacks and turned them into grow bags. I turned them inside-out, folded over the top to the inside and sewed that closed. Turned right-side-out gave me a double-thickness grow bag for free, except for the soil. I got some potting soil, filled the bags and let my amendments “percolate” before planting the tomatoes out. Sadly, it had grubs. I did not find out until I planted one week later. Neem oil is my friend. A lot of growers had the same sort of pest contamination in purchased soils this year.

Finally, the potato and garden beds. There will be a winter squash in the middle of the garlic. By time the squash gets all selfish for space, the garlic will be harvested, like the cabbage will be done in the two back garden beds when the squash gets pushy. I had a ton of extra onion starts this year and planted them between the potatoes I planted. So far, all seems to be very happy.


I know it has been a very long while. Time flies so fast it seems. I have been reading, painting and doing other creative things since my post from last year. I will post photos of my new additions to the gardens and garden beds – my electro-culture woo. laughing… I will explain in the post with the photos of all the “magic wands”. It seems it has accelerated growth in the garden. Even if it did not, I find them delightful, the crystals and copper sparkling in the sunlight.

May you all have a lovely spring. Summer will be here in a minute!

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