The Anna K Lenormand Divination Deck
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A Lovely Divination Deck & Musings

I realized I had not checked back at Anna.K’s Tarot deck site to see if she finished her newest divination deck, the Anna.K Lenormand. The Anna.K Tarot deck is my favorite tarot deck.

I am especially fond of her Empress card. Some people do not like it. Anna did not do the normal blond-haired, young woman who looks like she never cleaned up a child’s target-vomit, dirty diapers or anything else a Mom would of done. No, this Empress is not frail. This woman would have no qualms of grounding you for life or kissing the boo-boo after bandaging it. I love her paintings and style.

The difference between the divination card types is that tarot is a visual art, the Lenormand, (and other divination decks of this nature), are a vocal art. The Lenormand-style of cards are like pictographs our ancestors used. It doesn’t matter what color, style or other bits in the image are. Each card means the same keywords in any reading.

There IS differences between reading-styles, though. The other thing I like is that you read two cards together. The readings are very blunt. I love blunt, warts and all. You do not go on for 15 minutes on one card at a time. Interesting. I am not very good with the vocal sorts of things at all. I have a soft voice and I have a hard time putting things into coherent words. This will be good for me. Bonus! It will be a challenge.

The Anna K Lenormand Divination Deck

Anna.K Lenormand Divination Deck

When I post the how-to, I will include how to color the stiff facing material meant for hat brims too, if one wants to use that material for the outside of their box. That particular material is made of polyester, which does not dye normally, nor can you color it with watercolors. The secret? Thinned acrylic paints. Really.

If anyone is interested in Anna.K’s latest, go to- Anna K Tarot to check out her lovely works. NO! I do NOT receive any sort of compensation for pointing one to Anna’s site. I am not an affiliate and all that stuff. You can also look at various decks of this type online. I love this sort of art. I find it stimulates my creativity, relaxes me and I find it fun to do, even if the cards are not pleasant.


I am in a waiting pattern to start the garden right now. We need to replace some of the boxes and cannot go out for a few days for various reasons. Next year, we will not have a garden. Besides some family events we must attend next year, we are figuring out the logistics of poured cement boxes instead of the cedar fencing ones. It may be something above our “pay grade” in cost and abilities. I could do cemented bricks, though. That is something I understand how to do. We will see.

While waiting until we could go down to replace boxes that will not make it through this season, I started browsing through my favorite bead and craft supply site. I am eyeballing making a few dream catchers. That would be interesting to make, I think. It is a form of netting, something I have not done before.

You all have a lovely day! Hugs…

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