No more user memberships

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No More User Memberships

A boring announcement first

My website is here to share how-to-make articles, recipes, how I garden and more. I am not selling anything nor making money from my site. I am hoping to inspire others to create more. That is all. I do not want any of your info for mailing lists either. I want to pass on a smile or three.

It seems that there are those out there who are trying to access my site for some strange reason. I have nothing to steal, except for images and content. Are there people out there so broken they cannot do their own? Really? I had to install all this protection garbage on the back-end. There is STILL something out there trying to login in.

Can you image being such a loser puppy-pile, that your whole existence is trying to hack someone’s site? To get what? I seriously do not “get it”.

So… If you are trying to have a user membership through WordPress, it will not work. I have no reason for that feature. It is one less thing I have to deal with, freeing up time to do things to share instead.

To the rest of you out there, you can subscribe using the feature at the top of my site and get updates sent by email. The subscriber list will never be sold or used in any nefarious way by me. The worst thing I will do is email you my latest article. laughing…


I will be updating my site sometime next month. If you try to reach a page and it is “down”, it means I am in the process of fixing, changing, smoothing and so on that particular page. I still have not found a good thingie to print out recipes, just the recipe and photos, and nothing more. I hope to have that feature also. I will add the same thing to instructions on my how-to articles. I ask for some patience, please.

To All, even the creatures out there, may you have a good day.


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