Tarot Deck Piracy is Destroying Tarot Card Designers and Publishers

Fake tarot decks, tarot deck piracy, whatever one wants to call it, is in full swing and it is destroying the livelihoods of card designers, their publishers, and all the rest that goes into making those lovely decks of cards. Fake tarot decks are flooding the market. I do not think I need to name one country they are coming from, but there is also a sizeable amount of piracy and theft coming from within the States, too. I am sure this is also happening to those who design Lenormand and oracle decks, too.

The sad thing is, many KNOW they are buying fakes. Their main excuse is pitifully lame- “I cannot afford the deck and who does it hurt?” The lack of integrity in that sort of statement is mind-boggling.

Brand new decks are priced around $20 to over $50. The hand-signed and numbered ones are much more, of course. Seeing them  priced at $5 to $10 on the various online places by “sellers” should be a red flag. Those who think they are getting a bargain and go for it are either the most gullible people on the planet or lying and know darn well they are getting a pirated copy. Online shopping has been common for too many years for people to not know when something is a fake knockoff. Yes, some fakes are very hard to spot. That does happen. Pay attention and use discernment when buying from places like etsy, ebay, amazon, and so on.

An article on this also explains what to look for if you think, and care, if a deck is fake. She is more “even” and rather kind to those buying these decks in her article than I. The link is here:

How to spot a fake Tarot deck (and why it matters)

Stop Stealing Artists' Work!
Stop Stealing Artists’ Work!

The meme was made by Ciro Marchetti for us to share. He is not going to be designing any more decks nor is he going to license his self-published decks to the bigger publishers.  He is a tad angry, and rightfully so.  I hope he changes his mind, but I am not holding my breath. He is not alone, either. The list is growing rapidly of designers quitting the trade. The massive amount of theft is harming the various types of cartomancy deck designers and we will be all the poorer for the loss.

Can you believe that some had the gall to write to Ciro Marchetti and ask for the card’s meanings or a copy of the book for their pirated card deck?! Stunning. No, they did not get what they asked for. They have also hit the designer of the Deviant Moon Tarot deck, Patrick Valenza, and many more. I am not posting Valenza’s appropriately salty reply when he saw an AD for his purloined Deviant Moon deck on facebook.

Tarot Deck Piracy in Big Tech Social Media

I do not want to forget to mention the tarot group on facebook who are purposely giving out scanned images of cards and books for printing out at home. The group had about 18,000 members. Ciro Marchetti joined the group when he saw that they stated exactly what they were doing in their description. Yes, they admit in public they are thieves. When he was approved, he looked at what they were giving out. It was almost all 18 years of his work. His and many other’s work was scanned into high-quality pdfs by members for other members to print at will.

He contacted the administrators, who never replied back to his message about his works being freely and unlawfully shared. He and others reported the group. At first, the pseudo-legal team said the group did not violate any rules. What about basic laws?! After finally being shut down, the scumbags came back under a new name… and started doing it again!

To those who think buying fake card decks, books and so on is “just fine”, this next bit is for you:

This seems to be a lost concept, but it is a good one to know: If you cannot afford something, you put away a little money at a time until you can buy it. I know, old-fashioned, but it works. Putting away a few bucks every month for a coveted card deck, book or whatever until you can purchase a LAWFULLY produced item from a reputable seller and support the artist and all who helped put that lovely item out for you to buy is doable and takes a little patience. I have done this my whole life. It does not hurt, really.

A message to those who do not care that they stole an artist’s work & read the tarot on the equivalent of cheap business cards:

One professional reading will buy you most decks.  One reading. That fake deck you bought or printed off your printer will cost you and the world many beautifully designed decks from being designed and published, limiting choices down to few, all because you were, and always will be, a POS thief.

The online spiritual communities of all types, not just tarot and card readers, are being populated by unethical, immoral creatures. When “leaders” are scumbags, and those following them see no problem with thievery and worse, then they are no longer spiritual. They come from a much darker place.

If I am sounding harsh, this is my mild, unsalty version of what I want to say.  My first writings would of curled your ears for years. I have seen a lot of pirated copies of books, artwork, clothing and much more out there lately.  What kind of hominoid is it that has no ethics, morals or care at destroying artists and their works? Whatever the species is, it needs to be sent back to its home planet, without snacks for the trip home.

Off my soapbox and the end of my cranky rant…

Update Musings

I have not been around for a while because of a family matter. I have been creating, learning to use an air-fryer (laughing), trying new recipes and staring out the window, impatiently waiting until I can get outside and start on this year’s garden.

After that long, cranky rant above, it may be hard to believe that I am doing very well. I have been what many call “shadow work”, finding my balance and more. I feel very good, even with the insanity going on in Mirror World. I do not know what else to call a realm that is so upside-down, inside-out or backwards. I live on the edge of it all, shake my head at that realm’s bizarreness, and continue to try to help my family and others however I can. I have been very lax on sharing here lately, but family comes first. I will be posting soon.

May you all find your Center. Loves and hugs…

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