3 The Empress, 11 Strength, 6 The Lovers, 6 of Wands

The Anna.K Tarot Deck – A Review

First, if anyone had trouble getting onto my site, I apologize. A plugin I had went wonky and it took a bit before I could get access and get it rectified. Note: I know the images below are a tad dark. I am trying to lightening them a bit without washing the cards out, with little luck so far.

That said… Now for something completely different! Some know I am into many things, including what some call “Woo-Woo”. I love card reading and making boxes for the decks. Today, I am showing my favorite tarot deck of all, the Anna.K Tarot deck. I had bought the self-published version and fell in love with it the moment I opened the box.  The Anna.K Tarot quickly became my favorite and my go-to deck. I much prefer her self-published version to the commercial one that came out. This one is harder to do a “poker” shuffle, the card stock being thicker than today’s cards. I am fine with that. I like there is little to distract, like other languages filling the bottom or shrinking of the image to put bigger borders around and to accommodate the languages mentioned.

I am featuring some of my favorite cards. The last grouping of four cards are the least favorite of tarot readers. I found their reasoning weird and rather shallow in my estimation. That is my opinion, though. And we all know what they say about opinions…

8 of Wands, 5 of Wands, 4 of Swords

These six are designed so much clearer than other decks. You can click on the image to see the cards a bit better.

Look at the 8 of Wands! Most other decks have them flying through the air. That is it. Unless you have a book, it leaves you sitting there, not sure what it is trying to say. Duck?

The 5 of Wands have people in a good-natured competition, not a version that looks more to be a fight between young boys.

The 4 of Swords has a woman recuperating in bed, not a church scene with a warrior who looks to be dead. Gone. A corpse or effigy on a coffin. Yet the card is supposed to be about maybe being ill and/or getting some rest and to recuperate.

8 of Swords, 10 Wheel of Fortune, 15 The Devil

The 8 of Swords rules. Those binds you are in are all in your mind and/or self-imposed. That is not apparent in other versions. Most other decks have the imagery of a woman all bound up. She is left out in a deserted area on her own, an event of others’ doing it seems to be saying.

10 The Wheel of Fortune shows the ups and downs of Life, not some ancient esoteric symbol-stuff no one studies or knows about… unless you are part of some secret cabal, maybe.

15 The Devil. Perfect. The Devil offered many vices and they went for it without thinking about what was really being offered nor the consequences of their choices.

3 The Empress, 11 Strength, 6 The Lovers, 6 of Wands

These next four seem to be the top disliked cards in other reviews, and they are my favorites.

The first is 3 The Empress. The Empress is Woman, Mother, the Earth, Gaia, the receptive energies of the sacred female, the feminine, etc. The top complaint is the dark shadow under her nose, saying it looks like she has a mustache. A Mother is usually busy from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed. Who has time to pluck or bleach a mustache often? Seriously. Maybe she was out playing with the children or planting a food garden and taking a break with dirt still on her face. Who knows? I see a woman and the energies of the feminine, that receptive energy. This is a woman who will give a swat on a well-padded naughty one’s behind one minute, and the next, she will be kissing away the tears while tending to a scrapped knee. She plays in the dirt with her children, and she enjoys it. She looks to be filled with many passions, too. There is no nanny taking care of her children like the common image for this card brings to (my) mind. This is a strong female image. There is humor and creativity in her face. This is a Being I would love to sit down with and and share some humor while having a cup of coffee and piece of chocolate cake.

Then there is 11 Strength. A woman is holding a lioness in check with a leather collar around it’s neck and she is holding the chain. How dare they put a collar around the neck! Sometimes we need to pay attention and keep a “leash” on ourselves, yes? I love that Anna.K used a lioness. Lionesses are the hunters of the pride, not the lion. A strong human woman with a strong female feline. Remember, we are animals too. Anyway, it works for me.

The next is 6 The Lovers. It does not have the biblical naked woman and man before the Tree of Life imagery. This shows Love and what the true feelings and meaning of being Lovers is, in my opinion. Love matures into a level most do not know or understand. Today’s people think of it as a shallow thing, good for a bit of sex, at best. I find it a sad view. This couple has reached that level of full Love. They are friends, lovers, parents, grandparents and soulmates. There is no need to talk, they know each other’s thoughts. This card makes me smile and fills my heart.

The last one is disliked for rather shallow reasons. The 6 of Wands normally has a handsome guy riding in after being victorious. Anna.K has a thin little guy, slightly out of proportion in form. He and the crowd are cheering over his victory. A peasant, a regular person, won, not some “prince charming”, who never had to struggle. He could be someone who is disabled in some way. Who knows and who cares? I am cheering with the young man. Pfftthhh on those who cannot get past his looks and/or form. No matter who you are, you can be victorious over the odds, yes?

See more at Anna.K’s Site – Anna.K Tarot Deck

My funky Anna.K Tarot Deck Box

I receive nothing from Anna.K of any sort. This is my opinion and feelings for this deck. I do hope you enjoyed my thoughts about her deck and artwork. My Anna.K Tarot Deck box is rather funky, yes? I need to get better photos at some point. It is a bit gaudy, yes? I love it, personally. You all have a lovely day! Hugs and loves…

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