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Kitchen Garden 23 May 2020
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Wonderful Garden Beds Redo Part 2 – Yea!

Yea! We got a good amount of our garden beds redo done! Happy dance! Our weather keeps going from warm and sunny to storms for days. Once the mud disappeared, we would go out and work on the garden beds. With the “sifting” of the old bed’s soil, if the soil is too damp, we would have to do something else until it was easier to deal with.

The amount of cutworms, wireworms and grubs was not too bad, yet, we are very glad we took that step. We removed a lot of gravel and other junk from the soil. It came from those huge bags of organic compost we used at first. There is a lot of ick included in the weight/cost of those bags. We are not happy about that.

Below is images of the areas we have finished so far. All that is left is removing the 2 strawberry garden beds and laying down 3 new ones in that space. The strawberries will be in 3 garden beds afterwards. We are still waiting for the plants to finish their first harvest before finishing the area. We have already harvested 1 gallon of berries!

As you will notice, the land is not level. Living in the forested mountains, it has curves. So… the beds are straight in line, but look like a child’s roller-coaster from the side. laughing… The plants will not care. There is a spot you will see with a shorter and wider garden bed with hoops. That will be the tomato bed. We have not reattached the trellis made from fencing yet.

We are watering the beds in-between nature’s watering to help the soil to “solidify” the hoops for stability in their spots. The tomato trellis may be an arched bit of fencing. That way, the tomato plants can be as tall as they want.

In front of that garden bed is 12 rock and cement “stepping stones” that used to go along the path to steps off the area. They kept rising up in that area and made snow-blowing a path a booger in the winter.

Along with 6 cement block-caps we had used under the old chicken coop, I made us an area for a small table and chairs. There is one photo taken before I “grouted” in the dirt in-between the stones to hold them in place. Hopefully I can find an affordable umbrella to put there too. I will have a photo of the garden before we started this area and ones taken as we finished. Without any plants, it is rather bare and sad. I hope you enjoy our redo of the raised beds. It is hard work, but we are pleased with the results.

Ta-Da! Most of the Kitchen Area Garden Beds are Done!
You can catch Part 1 at – Garden Beds Redo Part 1

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