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Knit Cardigan Sweater

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The knit cardigan sweater, Harvest by tincanknits on Ravelry, is a lovely sweater. It is a top-down design that you can easily alter it to your style preferences in many ways. I went for a seed stitch for the collar, front edges and bottom edge. I also knitted it very long. I thought it was not all that long until I put it on. Oh. Okay. In the photo, taken by my much taller husband, I look so short, for some reason. laughing…

You make the collar and then go from there. The sides in the front are knitted as you go. I did not care the ribbing for the collar, front edges and bottom, tore it all apart and went with the seed stitch as I mentioned above. I prefer cardigan sweaters, especially those without buttons, or I leave those off usually.

I started the sweater to about 3″ below the armholes, added the sleeves, knitted a bit on the body of the sweater and set it aside. For a long time. I have no clue as to why. I finally got it finished without any shaping, knitting until I was almost out of yarn. I like it. It is a comfy sweater. I snuggle down in it when it is cool.

You can find the sweater pattern here – Harvest Cardigan Sweater

I had made some of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Nether Garments Leggings from her Knitter’s Almanac book, too. One is an olive green and the other pair is in a dark charcoal, almost black. No, I will not model them. I mean, seriously. That would be like wearing them out to shop in a crop top. Nope. I am not of the age to expose myself like that. No. I do not have anywhere to get a good photo of them, but you can find some made on Ravelry.

Knit Harvest Cardigan Sweater Photos

Harvest Sweater Front and Back
Harvest Sweater Front and Back

I am not sure what I am going to knit next. I do need to knit myself some more socks. I also need to get some items made for my great-granddaughter. They are moving to a much colder state this winter. She will need socks and hats, for starters. Those will be quick to make for a 1 year old. I may make her a cute jumper, too. It has little skulls duplicate stitched around the bottom. laughing… She has a strange great-nana, yes? She may also need new slippers.

I have a cute rag tutu skirt pattern using fabric strips instead of the tulle. I will most likely get some Christmas fabrics in flannel for the skirt. I will add a cute little hat too. Flannel is nice winter and summer. It breathes nicely and is very comfortable to wear. I need to get some pinking shears and a pinking blade for my rotary cutter. The edges do not fray so much cutting with pinking shears. Why I did not buy those years ago, I have no clue. I was very excited to see the rotary cutters have such a blade. It will be great for cutting out quilt squares.

I also have a pattern for some nice felted slippers for myself. I also found a pattern for making crocheted and felted slipper bottoms. You can sew the completed tops to them. I am not sure if I will go that route yet.

I have a ton of wool that needs processing hanging from my craft room ceiling that needs to be dealt with and some stuff that needs cleaning out. My craft room is a bit of a mess. sigh… Ah well, what else am I going to do all winter?

You all have a lovely day! Hugs!

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