Side view of a purple pea blossom
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The Beauty of Nature

There is nothing like stopping to admire the beauty that pops up when you turn the corner on a path, like I did during my morning walk recently. Though the now tattered wings of the Mourning Cloak Butterfly is on its end days, I was stunned at its size and could image its beauty in its younger days. Did you know this species over-winters? Neither did I. It was a wonderful surprise that morning.

My Irish variety of peas are now blooming. Looking at the beauty of the blooms and how the blossoms change from maroon to violet and light purple as they open, it brings wonder. Soon, they will have pods forming from these blooms, filling with large, beautiful and delicious peas.

Enjoy this little slide show of beauty. Remember to look as you walk. Stop and breathe in the scents around your garden. Though I could not get a photo, sometimes you will see a baby bumblebee pop out of your tomato blooms. It was fat, yet tiny, like the peas that will be forming soon. Life can be so amazing when you step into it.

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