Fabric and Tulle Skirts

Cute Fabric and Tulle Fairy Princess Skirts

Fabric and tulle fairy princess skirts are darling and very, very easy to make. I wanted something so cute, it would cause squealing of delight from us adults and my little great-granddaughter. She turned 1 a few days ago. She has not arrived at my daughter’s home yet. I cannot wait for photos. She is run-walking and loves to dance around.

I saw quite a number of the tulle-only skirts, then came across the fabric ones. All are darling, fun skirts that can go over leggings and/or leggings. Most use elastic, though I have seen ones you can tie-on, leaving a bow in the back. The fabric versions use fabric scraps or small bits of fabric. Those are usually called “Rag Skirts”. Online and on video sites, like YouTube, you can find a ton of instructions. The online instructions give you dimensions for the length of strips according to size of the child, waist guesstimates, and so on. This is just one of a dozen I looked at- How to Make a No Sew Fabric Tutu Dress. She made her strips 1″ and used a rotary cutter.

Of course, I went with flannel for the material. Flannel, especially from a quilting shop, is rather thick material. I decided to add tulle. I found a package deal of red, gold and green, perfect for the material. After washing the material, I cut all of the fabric into 2″ by 18″ strips using pinking shears to keep the fabric from fraying too much. I then cut one of the fabric’s ends at a angle and the other I folded in half lengthwise and cut from the center up a bit to the end so a ^ like ending. It is hard to see in the photos.

The rolls of tulle were 6″ wide by 25 yards. I cut ALL of it into 18″ strips. The tulle ends were lengthwise, then I cut a 60° angle from the outer edge to the center to give the fairy princess floaty, pointy ends. I know, that makes no sense. I am having a hard time describing it. Look at others skirts to see what I mean. I had some 1/2″ elastic. Perfect. After sewing the elastic into a circle to fit the waist, I began tying on the fabric strips, then filled in with tulle. I had so much of bother materials, I made two. I had no use for the leftovers.

As you can see below, the fabric I used is festive for the season. I used vinegar bottles to hold the elastic in place as I tied. The second skirt I tied on differently, in a way to make it more layered. When My great-granddaughter gets older, I will make her more, going for layers and tiers. Maybe. laughing… I put the little onesie red top and legging inside of the skirt. Oh my! I did not photograph that. Sorry. The red came out weird in the photo and it would not correct. The black “tennis” shoes are the final bit.

So… If you want a cute little fun idea for a little girl. making these quick skirts will do the trick. You can also make ones for Halloween!

You all have a wonderful Holiday Season. May it be filled those you love, laughter and delight! Hugs!

Flannel Fabric and Tulle Fairy Princess Skirts

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