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Fresh Start

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A Fresh Start Sharing and Creating with You

This website and blog is a fresh start for me to share with you all my blog musing without the various tech overlords “owning” everything I share with others. I get a bit twitchy when someone gets into my space in that way. Yes, I am a bit ornery.

The title “Creating fills our Heart & Essence” is my personal motto I hold dear. I feel creating is healthy and fills the body, mind and spirit. Debreena is my husband’s sweet-name for me. When he calls me that, it makes me smile. I love humor and things that brings smiles not only to me, but to others. I hope I can spread more smiles out into the aether. I hope my musings are not too boring for you all. laughing…

Shelling Pea Blossom - Fresh Start
Shelling Pea Blossom – Fresh Start

The flower image was my first header. It is a shelling pea blossom from my garden a few years back. The blossoms are so beautiful and then become delicious peas. 

I did have this up briefly but had trouble with the first theme. I am new to the way WordPress works. I am not used to the interface nor used to not being able to tweak things under the hood. the coding is… yeah. I rather knit than learn another code. I hope this time everything holds together. laughing…

There will be crafts galleries to browse through, instructions with images for various crafts projects, recipes for food, personal products like soap, salves and the like, and… 

Most know me by Deb, Debbi or Debra, depending on their mood. My old business names changed as I changed what I was making to sell at the booths at the various arts and crafts shows and Ren faires throughout the years. I started with Wishcrafts making various crocheted crafts for small events. PotWench came to be when I became a sculptor/potter making dragons and the like. After a couple of decades of that, I started doing glasswork, making glass beads. I was Danglie Bits for that, making the beads into things that dangled. Did I mention my sense of humor?

You all have a nice day! Subscribe to this site if you would like to see what I am doing. Do not think it will be consistent. I bounce around for craft to craft, to the garden, to the kitchen, to… you get the drift.



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