Keeping Bananas Longer
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A Great Tip on Keeping Bananas Longer

Keeping Bananas Longer

This was one of my favorite tips I found that really works! You get a bunch of bananas and end up with more than you need and want them to keep longer. Putting them in the refrigerator is not a go. The same for most of the other tips I tried, until I stumbled upon this one, and it is beyond easy.

Carefully separate the bananas from each other. Wrap the top stem of each banana as pictured with a good plastic wrap. Put into a bowl out of direct sunlight. I found they kept a bunch for almost 2 weeks from browning and bruising. Way cool!


We had finished the kitchen garden bed redo, except for installing the fencing-trellis on each bed. When I replanted the strawberry plants, a heat wave hit a few days later. Of course. They should recover next year, at least. It is very hard to wipe out strawberry plants, thankfully. We did get 4 gallons this year, that is plenty. I will get photos sometime at the end of the month.

We dug up the potatoes in the side area. The dig was not a good one. The potatoes did not like that area. The potatoes are healthy but few and mostly small. It was the only area available at the time. Lesson learned. The new beds for them should be fine.

We will now finish up the bed redo on the side yard. We normally grow green beans, pole beans and peas there. Maybe there was too much nitrogen in the soil for the potatoes? Maybe. I will also get photos of that area when done.

I did finally get the front porch resealed, the railings repainted and the kitchen porch repainted inbetween bouts of too hot weather. There is that. ;D

You all have a lovely weekend! I will post another recipe shortly. Hugs!

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