Cabbages 21 July 2019
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A Short Garden Update & Musings on a Good Cleaning Out of Stuff

A Short Garden Update

This is a very short garden update followed by various musings about cleaning out old or no longer needed “stuff” and organizing the areas we cleaned out.

Cabbages 21 July 2019

I had harvested the cabbages that made it through the storms. After washing and chopping, they are in a 1 gallon crock “becoming” sauerkraut. It takes a lot of cabbage to make it, I found out. I never had sauerkraut, nor do I know if I will like it. A friend says homemade is very good. My husband loves it, and that is all that matters. I made the regular kind with salt, no other vegetables. So far, it seems to be progressing as it should. I may also do a batch of garlic dill pickles in the crock when the sauerkraut is done. That would be yummy! I am told they come out extra crispy done that method. Way cool.

Swiss Chard

I also harvested the swiss chard that day. The beauty of chard is that it grows back for a another harvest. I blanched the chard and used some for a dinner side-dish mixed with sliced mushrooms, chopped red onion, 3 cloves of minced garlic, and the first zucchini of the year, all steamed in butter. It was delicious. The rest of the chard was packaged into freezer bags, sealed and put with the stack of spinach in the freezer.

The first harvest of peas was yesterday and yielded six 1/2 pints. I pressure-can them in the smaller jars and use as an addition to a meal. I did not plant as much as usual. I adore peas. I never seem to plant enough of them too. My husband loves our peas, but none other. laughing…

And that is that on the garden update.

Various Musings…

While waiting for various vegetables to ripen, I finally got my (supposed to be spring) summer cleaning done in the house. Everything I had not used or wore in 5 years went to the local animal shelter’s thrift store. I also cleaned out cupboards in the bathroom of old salves, lotions and the like, and reorganized the closet in there. I cleaned out old clothing and books in the bedroom, then tackled the great room. Old books I was never going to read again, went.

We also cleaned out the giant bookshelf filled with DVDs. If we no longer watched it, it was packed for the shop. The kitchen got a good cleaning of old spices and the like. If I could not remember when I bought and opened an item, it went into the trash can. For our spare bedroom, we made another long, low shelving unit that was twice as wide as the other canning shelf to hold various pantry-like items. Everything in its place. That sounds so anal-retentive… laughing…

Everything is organized and cleaned throughout our little home. It fills good. It lightens you up to get rid of stuff that you do not need, especially if the still-good stuff will benefit someone else.

My granddaughter cheated and “peeked” at the sex of her and her husband’s baby. sigh… The best surprise one can get in life and they peeked.  But! Yea! A girl! Finally! I get to go all insane with some rose-pinks and such. I will still make the baby’s quilt in darkish, soft reds, blues and greens. I will use good cotton flannels with cotton batting. No plastic-fabrics for my grand- and great-grandchildren.

I am working on Christmas presents in the evening, too. I cannot say what, of course. For no reason except that I love my Grands, I ordered my grandsons some LED/Glow Poi that changes colors and myself some of the weighted Sock Poi. (Let us see if they help tighten bicep flaps.) I got them from Levity Med at . No affiliation, no perks, and all that. I also got the youngest one the LED gloves. He is going to love those. At Halloween, they could be useful, too.

Back to my projects. I will post more now that I got the biggest job, the house cleaned, all finished. I will eventually post my recipe for floor wax. No buffing needed. Most importantly, no stench. It leaves a lovely, burnished matte shine with little effort. I only have to do it once a year. I like it and that is all that matters. ;D


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